Naum Koen: Being a CEO in an international holding company with assets in different industries, including diamonds, amber, business aviation, construction engineering and IT technology, I strongly believe that the key feature of any business is development.

Sustainable diamond business was the base that allowed my company’s expansion into other areas and forming a Diamond Private Club is my way to honor the community that made it possible for my business to develop.

My mission is to become strong, innovative, significant in everything I do. I have carefully assembled a team of professionals to be Diamond Private Club executive board so that we would have steady progress. I understand the extent of responsibility this project involves and I am ready to bear it.

Being very enthusiastic about the development of diamond industry I am happy to share this passion with similar minded people.

About us

DMCC Diamond Club is not a new concept. It is created based on a beautiful legacy of jewelry merchants and artisans who flooded Dubai at the break of the 20th century.

At this time, the necessity emerged for the important participants in the market to unite. Therefore, the first free trade area was opened in Dubai.
Now, hundred years after the first attempt, Dubai once again attracts the attention of the international business community. Aggressive development, puts Dubai at the heart of economic activity throughout Middle East; and like before, diamond industry takes special place in this vast uprising.

In a similar way like it was hundred years ago, today participants of growing diamond market in the Middle East need to be united. Therefore, we are opening the DMCC Diamond Club.

We want to create a new community for the important players in the industry to connect and discuss pressing issues in a discrete, friendly and above all else professional atmosphere. With joint efforts we can challenge and change the rules. We can control the market and influence new laws.
By opening DMCC Diamond Club we will continue to nurture traditions that were once a standard.