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About us

DMCC Diamond Club is not a new concept. It is created based on a beautiful legacy of jewelry merchants and artisans who flooded Dubai at the break of the 20th century.

At this time, the necessity emerged for the important participants in the market to unite. Therefore, the first free trade area was opened in Dubai.
Now, hundred years after the first attempt, Dubai once again attracts the attention of the international business community. Aggressive development, puts Dubai at the heart of economic activity throughout Middle East; and like before, diamond industry takes


Diamond private club is composed of game changers interested in challenging rules and influencing diamond industry the way it can be done only with great passion. It is an exclusive society solely meant for the biggest influencers in the industry.

We have assembled 12/20 most experienced players in Diamond industry to be our executive board and review all new membership requests. We want all of our affiliates to be goal oriented, passionate to challenge and change the existing rules. In order to make changes we need members that are as passionate about the development


Our members are the foundation of our club and we are committed to give appreciation to every single one of them. This is why we are investing in their personal and professional development. We will be organizing exclusive summits for members where we will focus on education and coaching, with speakers and influencers who will share their thoughts and experiences so that we would develop our way of business.

With Diamond Private Club membership you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss important matters in a friendly and professional environment with people who share your passion and interests. By being united we will be able to protect ourselves from market fluctuations and governmental impositions.


We partner with the biggest companies in the jewelry industry and organize auctions for all players in the business. With the Diamond Private Club membership, you will get the exclusive opportunity to have the first pick- view and buy all available products. In addition, all auctions will be open to members without the need to pre-register for the auctions and the brokerage fee will be waived off.

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